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Monday, April 12, 2010


I have two screen capture tools for the Mac - Grab and SnapNDrag. Neither are remotely close to the ease of use I get with SnagIt on Windows. To take a screen shot of something while I'm clicking on something in the target window, I could use the keyboard command: Command+Shift+W. It's the same in both Grab and SnapNDrag. Unfortunately, it's also the key command Firefox uses to Close Window. Y'know, like the window I'm trying to take a shot of? Yeah. Can I customize the keyboard shortcut like I can in SnagIt? Nope. Can I do a Timed screen shot? Sure, as long as I want everything to show rather than the single application I'm trying to shoot, and then I can crop that down to suit my needs.

Or I can just log into VMWare and do this in Windows where it will take half the time because there's an adequate tool for the task. Yeah, let's do that. I'll just delete the screen shots I already took, because even taking time out to write this post, it's still faster!


  • What type of screen shots are you trying to take?

    1) Mac does have a built-in screen shot tool (CMD-SHIFT-4) which gives you crosshair to select the area, or you can hit (SPACEBAR) after the key combo above and then you get a camera which will snapshot the specific window you hover you mouse on.

    2) If you need something to point out, annotate, highlight, the free software Jing ( has a great Windows/Mac tool that let you capture a screenshot or screencast. The screenshots you can markup with boxes, arrows, text, etc. All for free.

    3) On the commercial side LittleSnapper is a pretty nifty product, I beta tested for a while, but I don't really have a need for it myself:

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