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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Weekend Recap

It's been one seriously busy, totally awesome weekend. Worked late on Friday, but still made it to FNW for a bit. Saturday got up and did a load of laundry before heading to the annual Browncoat meetup at Little India in Redwood City. Lots of yummy food was consumed and saw some old friends. On our way home, we stopped at Summer Winds Nursery to contemplate a vegetable garden. As the temperature dropped, we piled a cart full of veggies and herbs and planting soil and fertilizer.

We ran home to drop it off, and then headed to Karen & Crystal's place for the Around the World in 80 Days dinner. With stops in England, France, Italy, India, South Asia, America, and back to England, and fabulous conversation around the table with nine good friends for five hours. It was fantastic. There are few things I enjoy more than Karen & Crystal's dinner parties. Something magical happens and there's just so much good food, good wine, and good laughter. Thank you ladies both once again for such a lovely meal.

Sunday, we slept to a leisurely hour, then rose to tackle the garden. So it was raining a bit, big deal. What's a little water? Well, okay, then it rained a lot. Erik turned all the soil in the back and I went through and pulled the weeds. In my rain slicker and cherry galoshes (thank you Elizabeth!), I was doing pretty well, but Erik was soaked. We got to the point where all the weeds were picked, then I suggested that maybe we should see how far our planting soil went so that we'd know how much more to buy. Herbs and one row of corn planted, Erik was soaked and freezing. It had started to turn our freshly turned soil into mud soup. So we went out to the hose and washed away the mud, then headed back in the house. We threw everything in the washer and headed to the shower to thaw out. About ten minutes later, there's me, flying out of the shower, stopping the washer. I was thinking in the shower that we should've taken a photo to post to Facebook of our soggy garden. Then I thought, I could've since my iPhone was in my slicker pocket... which is now in the WASHER!!!

I got my phone out of the pocket, sprung it from it's case, dried it off, then powered down. I turned the heat up to comfy and put the phone on the heater vent to dry the rest of the way. A couple hours later, I powered up the now warm and toasty phone and it worked. Whew! (With two months left on my AT&T contract, this was NOT the time to kill the iPhone.)

We wrapped up the weekend with dinner with my realtor celebrating Tim's new house at Pampas in Palo Alto. I've never been to Brazilian food before, but it can be summed up as "meat on swords." Lots and lots of meat. Even Erik is talking about going vegetarian for a week or so. Pork loin, lamb chop, leg of lamb, filet mignon, top sirloin, skirt steak, turkey wrapped in bacon, handmade linguica, chicken and (oddly) roasted pineapple. Oh lordy. There's a little card on the table to let them know when to please stop asking you if you'd like more meat. It's a very important card.

At the end of the evening, we find ourselves on the sofa, digesting and catching up on Supernatural and Flash Forward. Good weekend. Love my Cute Boy. Diligence is sexy.


  • Ooh, gardeny goodness! I've been out of town too often this month to start mine, so I have to live vicariously for a bit.

    If you want to swap seeds or starts, let me know. Also, we have a worm bin, if you are interested in starting worm composting. Eric and I divert a lot of paper and veggie trash to the worms!

    By Blogger SandyJ, at 9:28 AM  

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