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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

On Again! Oh wait - Off Again!

It's been years now that I've wanted to find a space in the South Bay for ceili dancing. I'd really love to be able to bring the spirit of Terry's brand of ceili to folks in the South Bay and not have to drive a hundred miles every Monday to enjoy it myself.

Scott found a place to do this on Thursdays in Sunnyvale. It was just ideal, because on Thursdays, there was no conflict with Mondays in Alameda, nor Irish sets on every other Tuesday in Sunnyvale at Lilly Mac's or sets on every other Wednesday in Redwood City at Angelica's Bistro.

So we were all set to start on June 17th. I was planning to start the big email blast next week and had a web page drafted. I just wanted to get through my birthday before starting on the next big thing.

And then I got an email from Scott saying there was a problem with the owner and permits from the city. No dancing in Sunnyvale. Not there anyway. Harumph.

For anyone who I've mentioned this to, sorry for the false alarm. Meanwhile, I've been taking Richard's classes on Tuesdays for the past six weeks, but I'm hoping to make it out to Lilly Mac's on the 8th. Hope to see folks there!


  • So how does that affect the swing dancing that was taking place at that same place ?

    And why is Sunnyvale trying to do a bad real life impression of Footloose?

    By Blogger Chrisfs, at 3:11 PM  

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