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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Tab Closing Bonanza!

So with an acre of tabs at the top, and a week of being unable to post, here's the end of the roundup.

Ever wonder why you're in pain? Turns out it is very likely something basic you're doing in a way your body wasn't designed to handle. So, your pain could be caused by flip-flops, thumb texting, sitting on the wallet jammed in your back pocket, or even a too-tight pony tail.

Living in a former meth lab can have weird, unexpected consequences. Even if things are cleaned, the leftover chemical residue from the precursors can have health consequences. There are no national standards for cleaning meth houses and reporting of meth lab houses to the national registry is voluntary.

We all know breastfeeding is best for your baby, but what about the health impact for the mother. Turns out, women who breastfed for more than 12 months of their lives had lower rates of cardiovascular disease, diabetes, hyperlipidemia and hypertension.

Meanwhile, on the topic of reproduction, while Oklahoma is passing increasingly rigorous anti-abortion laws, making an already gut-wrenching decision harder and withholding critical medical information from soon-to-be parents, women in Uzbekistan are being sterilized without consent. Now let's just get one thing clear: a woman should be in charge of what happens to her body. Yes, her husband gets a vote, but the woman gets the veto. No one, not the government, and not her doctor without her consent, should be making life altering decisions for someone else. Why is this such a difficult concept to comprehend?

Of course, in Alabama, they're running attack ads against a gubernatorial candidate that say that he's wrong for the state because he said the Bible is partially true and because he supported teaching evolution in science classes. And, no, they're not being laughed at. He's losing the race. So, um, maybe that's why concepts like "consent" are hard to comprehend. (If I beat my head against the wall til I'm as stupid as they are, can I become that ignorant as well?) ETA: Perhaps it's a weird Dunning-Kruger effect thing.

And in the insane run of right-wing conservatives who are self-loathing closet-cases, George Rekers brings us a new low of pathetic excuses: "I needed to hire a rentboy to carry my luggage." This kicks aside the prior low of the "wide-stance."

Family values! Family values! All those liberals on the left coast don't have family values! Really? Then how come our those wacky liberals on the coasts have lower divorce rates than the American Heartland? The lowest divorce rate in the U.S. is in Massachusetts, the birthplace of the American same-sex marriage. I loved this quote from the article:
Six of the seven states with the lowest divorce rates in 2007, and all seven with the lowest teen birthrates in 2006, voted blue in both elections. Six of the seven states with the highest divorce rates in 2007, and five of the seven with the highest teen birthrates, voted red. It's as if family strictures undermine family structures.

Okay, okay, time to warm up a bit after all that dark and depressing news. Take a look at the life of Disneyland after dark and the story of a man reuniting with a gorilla he raised after it spent five years in the wild.

And last but not least, how come computers crash, but we don't? Turns out, it's because the way we're coded is different in how we achieve operational efficiencies. Human coders "tend to save money and time by building upon existing routines rather than starting systems from scratch." In DNA, fatal crashes are actually, y'know, fatal, so that structure doesn't get passed forward. Interesting, eh?

That was a lot of tabs! Now I'm down to the usual half-dozen. Hooray!


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