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Sunday, May 16, 2010

Weekend with John & Rebecca

Last year, John and Becky said that we needed to come up in the spring to see Yosemite in all it's snow-melty glory. We headed up this weekend and it was indeed glorious. We arrived Friday night to John pulling in with super yummy local pizza. They said they usually get it after a long day of hiking, but tonight we were pre-pizza-ing. The long hike was the next day.

Going to Yosemite with a local is awesome for so many reasons. Rebecca knows everyone, so there's plenty of folks to say hi to. She also showed us ancient Native American and vintage 1860s graffiti.

Up the stairs of the Mist trail, we climbed up to the top of Vernal Falls, getting well and truly misted, and Rebecca pulling us off the trail for a moment to show us where the ladders used to go up back in the 1860s and where the 1860s graffiti still remained. (We also found a perfect little bird's nest back there.)

We made it to the top of Vernal, then kept going up to the top of Nevada Falls. There's a railing there that let's you look over the edge. It's... high. High high up. And a long, jagged, rocky way down. Pretty though.

We headed back down via the John Muir Trail on a part that just recently reopened from the winter. There was still snow on the ground, so I couldn't restrain myself from crunching out into it and making a few mandatory snowballs.

There's a bit that has a nice short rock wall that fills up with snow and ice in the winter. Snow melt was still pouring over the ledge down onto the walkway though. Apparently this was the mandatory cold shower for skanky hikers. Much "Woo! Yah! Woo! Gah! Cold!" came from me passing through this section.

We kept tromping down, passing patches of snow along the way, with the occasional obligatory snowball attack. Just before we made it back into the main valley, Rebecca led us back to a rock with a sort of rust colored comb on it. It dates way way back. We decided that graffiti is only coll if it's over a hundred years old. At the bottom, we opted to wuss out slightly and take the YART around to the car. A quick trip through the little grocery in the valley, we headed back to make dinner.

John + Becky + Erik + Ammy = Really Awesome Dinner. Erik made Spanish rice. John made awesome chicken on the grill. Becky made fresh roasted tomatillo salsa and yummy black beans. I made margaritas (with honorary friend and dinner contributor, Jose). Sated on Really Good Dinner, we abandoned the cookie baking plan in favor of sleep.

Today was fresh baked ricotta pie and sausage and fresh squeezed orange juice for breakfast followed by a stroll around the Yosemite Falls.

Seriously, few things more magical than the beauty of Yosemite with good friends who know their way around and are willing to provide you with a hot shower after taking you all over the beautiful wilderness.


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