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Tuesday, June 08, 2010

BirthdayBirthdayBirthday Cirque!

Last weekend was great fun, if a tad overscheduled.

Friday was Friday Night Waltz. Erik's friend MaryAlice joined us. She's here on a consulting gig from New York and dove head first into the FNW adventure, getting spun around by Chris, Peter, and Eric Lowe especially. She'd occasionally plead, "Oh, I don't know how." But as every Fezzi knows, that's merely bait on the line. She gamely made her way through everything from waltz to Congress to cross-step to tango to two-step and stayed til the very end. She ranks firmly up for anything kind of folks I like to have around, so I'm glad I got to meet her.

Saturday was Birthday!Birthday!Birthday! First, Elizabeth's 40th birthday/Grad party at Fenton's where the "junior" sundae with lunch meant a one-meal day. So tasty, especially if you stop before you eat it all.

From there we headed to Molly's 21st birthday party at Forbidden Island. It's such a joy to finally be able to include her in such outings. The ceremonial flaming birthday mai-tai was had, and tastes of many others were enjoyed. I tried the new Jet Pilot and I approve.

From there we headed across the bay to PEERS for Mr. Fezziwig's Birthday Ball. Joreth made ice cream and I was finally tempted to consume the apricot. It was divine. The PEERless music hall went off and I made sure Mr. F had a different girl in his lap for each song. We left before the fourth set so that we could get home for Sunday's adventures.

We got up early and drove to Sacramento to take my grandparents to see Cirque du Soleil. I'd long suspected Grandma would really enjoy it. Since Alegria was making its way through town, I figured that would be a good one to see. Let me just say that the Arco Arena handicap accommodations office is awesome. I called, talked to a real person, explained the limitations, and she gave us five seats together on the floor in the front row. She told me how to get into the parking lot, how there'd be a little shuttle to the door, and that they'd take Grandma in a way with no stairs. I had it all written down so I could ask and direct folks along the way. We made it out to our seats and they couldn't have been better. There's nothing like feeling the performers might end up in your lap if things went wrong. The chap in the outsized hula hoop is still breathtaking and the fast track tumblers are joyous.

After the show, we picked up some cherries from my mom's house off my grandparent's tree, then headed out to the Hong Kong Cafe to meet up with Wendy for dinner. It is still the home of my favorite won-ton soup ever and the Chinese broccoli with chicken was a real treat.

The Monday morning alarm was far too early, and boy could I use a day off with little to do save sitting on the sofa. But that time of year has passed and really, I wouldn't pass anything up to have it any other way.


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