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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Eyeglasses Online

Glasses are sort of a love/hate relationship for me. I've got an astigmatism, so everything is pretty equally blurry. In general though, I get by just fine without glasses, so spending hundreds of dollars to see a little better seems wasteful.

There are several online retailers of eyeglasses - Zenni Optical and EyeBuyDirect for example. I ordered from Zenni since I found a couple of cute frames for really low prices. The idea of online glasses is a little weird, but at about 10% of the cost of buying glasses in the store, I figured it was worth a gamble. Here's what I got:

I've never had prescription sunglasses before, so these are a real treat. I can wear sunglasses and see better at the same time. It's like a miracle!

I won't say the process was flawless. I had to sit down and measure my current glasses to get an idea of what frame dimensions would work for me. Now I really wish I could search their site by those dimensions. Then, Zenni originally sent me someone else's glasses, then asked me to send those back, which I did. Then there was a big delay while they waited for mine to come back from the incorrect recipient and eventually they gave up and remade them. The net result is that they eventually got the original order back and sent me those too.

Once I noticed how many friends wear glasses, I figured I'd best pass this information on.


  • I almost didn't recognize you with the different hair color even though I have seen you in person many times. Still lighter than my internal image.

    By Blogger Chrisfs, at 4:32 PM  

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