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Tuesday, June 08, 2010

I Don't Get It

I don't understand. It's not about a belief in a higher power or not; what I don't get is how any church created by men could hold such sway when it lives in a constant state of internal inconsistency. The story that got me there this week was the nun who was excommunicated for allowing an abortion when it was the only hope for saving the mother's life. If it hadn't happened, both mother and unborn child would have died with an almost 100% certainty, but somehow, that's better than allowing an abortion in a Catholic hospital. Not only better, but so much better, it's worth ending a career and throwing someone out of the church just for making that call. Yet no one has been excommunicated for raping children, even though that's happened. This offense - saving a woman's life - was more offensive to "God" and the church than raping a child. I just can't make it make sense. Why is anyone still Catholic? And also, if that's what your "God" really wants to happen, then your "God" is an asshole who doesn't deserve my worship.


  • You know (I mean this sincerely) I kind of admire your ability to spend so much time at Stanford without losing your ability to be genuinely outraged at things. Most people I know who spend any time thinking about issues of religion at the Farm end up getting their beliefs washed out in a deluge of academic thinking and seeing-the-other-side.

    Are you asking about any church, or the Catholic church specifically? It sounds like you're asking two different questions.

    I'm not Catholic, but it seems to me that the church doesn't really "hold such sway" at all. I know culture Catholics, who are essentially only Catholic as a matter of self-identification. I know not-very-well-educated Catholics, who ... well, okay, honestly, I don't count them. I'm not going to criticize somebody for not being outraged at something they don't even think about; I'm going to criticize them for not thinking about it first. And then there's the educated Catholics, who know better than to belong to a church because they think it's full of morally upstanding individuals or is itself a morally upstanding organization. That's a terrible reason to belong to a church.

    So my guess is ... that's how.

    By Blogger Natalie, at 5:51 PM  

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