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Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Science News!

Your superstitions (at least the positive ones) can help boost your confidence and improve performance. If you believe that lucky charm will help you do better, it turns out you're more likely to do well. So, silly as it may seem, bring it along. It can't hurt!

Think Nostradamus was good with predictions? Pish-tosh! He can't hold a candle to Robert Boyle (yes, as in Boyle's Law) whose predictions on the future of science were spot-on. These included everything from the art of flying to scratch-and-sniff stickers.

The spices on your burger may be doing more than merely adding to the flavor. They're chock full of anti-oxidants and actually seems to counteract the effect of malondialdehyde that forms when beef fat oxidizes. Bring on the ginger! Heap on some cinnamon! Don't skimp on the oregano!

That guy walking through the store talking on the cell phone? Yeah, that's annoying. It turns out it's how we're wired. Listening to half of a two-way conversation is actually far more distracting to our brains than having both halves of the conversation in the room with you.


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