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Friday, June 18, 2010

Starlight Cinema

One of the nice things San Jose does is a summer series of concerts and a series of outdoor movies. With the Tempest concert happening yesterday, I took a moment to browse the list. I knew I'd missed Raiders of the Lost Ark last week, but wanted to see what else was coming up.

Turns out, they're doing an outdoor showing of Rocky Horror Picture Show. Now, Erik has never seen RHPS and there's a part of me that thinks he'll never get it because Rocky is something that should be done before age 25. There's another part of me that's wanted to go again, just once, just for old times sake, but couldn't get the enthusiasm needed to go for a show that started at midnight. I figured eventually I'd grab a bunch of friends and RHPS alumni and do a backyard show or something. But the Bawdy Caste is hosting the show on July 28th and it's really not far from home (about 22 blocks!) and it starts at sundown rather than midnight. Sounds perfect! Anyone else in?


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