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Sunday, July 04, 2010

With a Trophy and Everything

Let's be clear. When I wrote to the Fezzis asking if folks wanted to do the Fourth of July Parade in Alameda again this year, I was a bit dubious. It was hot. It was a lot of work. We had trouble keeping up. Sure, it was glorious. But one time was glory; again would be um, foolish, right? Right?

Still, nearly 30 Fezzis responded with, "Yeah! Let's do it again!"

So, okay, I'm in. But this year, it seemed like I couldn't get anything to stay done. It was tricky getting candy canes, a sound system, a truck, and so on. In the end, it all worked beautifully. Bob came through with a fabulous truck from City Car Share. Josh loaned us his PA system. Babs got 2000 mini candy canes. Kevin Patterson loaned us the Dickens Fair car magnets. Mackenzie made a totally adorable coupon for free dances and I got 500 printed, but realized that wasn't enough so printed some more and had Erik cut them out. Remington brought his 400 watt power inverter and it gave good warning before giving up. Let's just say, it was an amazing team effort.

The morning was bit rocky, getting out of Dave's place late, but with the whole parade running late it was not a problem. About 10:30 we stepped off on our 3.3 mile journey around Alameda. Walking down Park Street was awesome. We handed out hundreds of candy canes and free dance tickets. We ended up in front of the judging stand just in time for a Congress of Vienna. We passed Cynthia's house and were offered sips of sangria and smooches. We continued down Otis and found Karen, Paul and Crystal cheering us on. Down Central, Steve George waved and greeted Mr. Fezziwig. We turned onto Webster and met folks who'd loved us and photographed us last year. We marched up past the judges award station just as Congress kicked off again. And then the ran out and handed us a trophy. We won first prize in the Float category.

Now let's step back for just a moment. This was indeed a bunch of British reenactors celebrating Christmas on Independence Day. And we won first prize. Yeah, really. (Note: I love Alameda!!!)

So we made it back to Dave's place, undecorated the truck, and headed back to Sherman and Alex's place for showers. Something went wrong with my shoes and I had a huge blister on my left heel, and a small one on my right. Oops.

Forbidden Island opened at 3 and we retired there after lunch at La Pinata. Dave showed up carrying our trophy. Just looking at the thing cracks me up every time. Every time.


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