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Friday, August 20, 2010

"Because, seriously, that chicken dance is not in the Bible"

Let me say once again that I never do well when bludgeoned with words like tradition, but I have to say, I'm a bit glad Erik has been married before, because as I toss wedding tradition after wedding tradition out the window with scowls of, "Why would I ever do that?" he's been pretty darned amiable about the whole thing. He argued briefly over my pronouncement of wedding pie rather than wedding cake, but ultimately gave in to Joreth's blueberry pie.
It's REALLY good pie!
No really, it's really good pie. (Plus, then Effie offered to make us a cake, so there will be a little cake too!)

Anyway, there came a point where we were talking about engagements and engagement rings and what sorts of things I liked and I paused and questioned the whole nature of the thing. A quick internet search turned up a rather sordid history of the engagement ring industry, with DeBeers featuring prominently in their meteoric rise in popularity in the 20th century. It's that moment where things go from "marketing" to "tradition" that just make my skin crawl.

But the "tradition" thing is hardly limited to engagement rings. In fact, the whole concept of the "sanctity of marriage" is a total lie, invented in the past few years. Previously, marriages weren't done in the church. They were done on the church steps. Marriage was a poor compromise for those who couldn't commit to celibacy for the church.

So no, I'm not wearing a white dress (popularized by Queen Victoria, who was defying convention at the time). No, there is no tossing of bouquets or garters. Erin is making me pretty pretty flowers that I expect to send home with my grandparents, undoubtedly married longer than anyone else in the room (clocking in at 66 years of marriage!). There will be no chicken dance. (We only do that at Fezziwig's when Bob convinces Bangers and Mash to be evil.) There will be no cake smooshing. There will be no rice thrown nor coin in my shoe. Bullocks to all of it.

There will be sharing my love of dance with my friends and family. There will be food we particularly enjoy and would like to share. And there will be friends and family surrounding us and a really big party.


  • We tossed most of that out the window for our wedding too. Pie was eaten and cotton candy was made. It was wonderful.

    Also, I think you mean bollocks ;)

    By Blogger Unknown, at 5:14 PM  

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