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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Glass Half Full

Some days I get reminded that working at Stanford is a privilege. Today I taught a Cisco VoIP phone class. It went perfectly well after some initial change-of-room/no projector/no training phone setup request drama. Luckily it all came together just in the nick of time. I was once again praised for being a great trainer, so clear, so concise, so polished, such good time management, and so on. Then one of the folks who couldn't come to the training session came in panicked and asked if I was "the phone lady." He was utterly flummoxed by his new phone, so I gave him the quick tour and assured him he could ignore all the extra buttons if he wanted and taught him quickly about soft keys and he promised to come to Monday's training session, but was clearly much relieved and offered me candy from his desk drawer. The training class was in the Cantor Arts Center, so I took the scenic route while exiting the building, touring the Rodin collection and the ancient Attic black figure vases and several other collections. Then I rode my bicycle back across campus in the beautiful 78 degree August afternoon. Yep, life is good here.


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