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Monday, August 23, 2010

Ready to Go

Were I superstitious, I would suspect the world was trying to stop me from going on my trip by breaking me. However, I am not, and I'm ready to go!

So last week was an adventure in red, itchy spots. An old-school doc prescribing some steroids and two days later I'm right back to invincible, and feeling better than ever.

Then last night I'm scurrying back and forth through the house, hurdling the baby gate that keeps Leeloo safe from Pepper and suddenly I find myself sprawled on the floor in the hallway. The gate was leaned up rather than latched in, so when I brushed it, it came with me rather than staying put.

My left knee is really bruised. The right knee is mildly bruised and the right palm is bruised. This morning's system self-assessment says I might not want to lift much with my right arm if I can avoid it for a few days. Erik now gets to lift the carry-on into the overhead bin. My mid-back says I might try to find time for massage before heading out.

BUT! All of my laundry is done and all that's left to do is to sort my toiletries into a 1 liter bag. Nothing left to do but get on a boat!


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