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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Science News!

Super-bugs are fast becoming a huge threat, especially in hospital settings. How do we combat them, even as antibiotics become less effective? How about by painting the wall with bacteria-destroying paint! Best yet, it's a physical mechanism that slices up the bacteria using nanotubes, so it doesn't run the risk of breeding a stronger, better bacteria.

Earlier this year, I pointed to the article about why computers crash, but our brains don't. It has to do with how operational efficiencies are achieved and how if genetic systems crash, then that model gets chucked out of the gene pool rather than fixed, and that "software engineers tend to save money and time by building upon existing routines rather than starting systems from scratch." On the flip side, we are still a byproduct of our evolution and this article says you have your jellyfish, lizard, mouse, and ape ancestors to thank for the very special ice cream cone of your brain function, and that all those layers come together to our sense of love possible. I for one am glad that that's how things came together.


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