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Friday, August 20, 2010

When The Irony Gets in Your Eyes, It Burns

With same-sex marriage back on hold in California, it's a good time for a reminder about what the Bible tells us about how marriage should work. Luckily, America's Best Christian has a nice summary for us.

And that's not even covering how you should treat your daughters when harboring fugitives who might be angels. Isn't the Bible just awesome?

Remember folks, same-sex marriage + $19,000 as the average wedding cost = a nice boost to our economy. And you can still hate the homos if you really need to, while still taking their money.

In other news of California irony, rural counties being represented by Republicans screaming "No more taxes!" are the ones spending the most on services. These services are paid for by wealthier counties like Marin who are represented by Democrats fighting for the tax revenue that pays for services in those rural counties. To the whiny rednecks complaining about the damned hippie-liberals stealing their money, please get your facts straight. That hippie-liberal is supporting your ass, paying for your roads, your schools, and your health care.

In other news of national irony, the Museum of Tolerance is against the mosque and Islamic community near former WTC/Ground Zero. My favorite comment on this to date comes from Peter Grosz on Wait Wait... Don't Tell Me!:
But in other news, an exhibit about the Museum of Tolerance just opened up at the Museum of Irony.


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