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Saturday, September 18, 2010

A Day at Sea

The engines were restored, but seas stayed rough. I awoke feeling a bit motion sick and questioning choosing a cruise for a vacation. We got up, had a bit of breakfast in Topsiders, explored a bit, watched a lecture on Tunis, and came back to the room to change for a trip to the gym. I laid down for a moment and realized it was really time for a nap. I sent Erik on to the gym without me and crashed. After a bit more than an hour, Erik returned in bathrobe and slippers and I felt very much better.

(As it turns out, I may have discovered a super-power. I occasionally get a little motion sick, but if you let me take a nap for 30 minutes to an hour, I'm right as rain. This was tested a few times at sea with universally awesome results, and amuses me greatly because usually I can't nap for beans, but when a little seasick, I drift right off.)

I got up and we headed for the Salsa class with Hilda. She's another of the crew staff and I had a moment of feeling like one of the guests at the resort in Dirty Dancing. A roomful of folks trying to learn salsa on a swaying ship is kind of funny.

Tonight was a "formal" night for the Captain's Welcome Party. We dressed and headed downstairs to meet the now infamous captain. The poor guy must have been asked at least 2000 times, "So what happened with the engines last night." On the plus side, there were free cocktails, so we enjoyed those, got our photo with the captain, and chatted with some of the other senior staff. My favorite was Nick, the head of security. He used to be a policeman in Liverpool and this is his retirement job. As retirement jobs go, I'd have to say that sounds like an awfully nice change of pace. He said that the first few days of the cruise are always easy and quiet, up until about day 5 when the teenagers start forming groups and having ideas. Apparently trash cans and chairs stuffed into elevators is a favorite.

We also saw our first Disney Cruise Broadway-style production, "Twice Charmed." The idea is that Lady Tremaine, Cinderella's evil stepmother, makes a deal with an evil Fairy Godfather (in fabulous waistcoat and cape!) to get a do-over on the whole Prince and glass slipper drill. It was well put together and entertaining. No, not something I'd pay a hundred dollars to see on Broadway, but beautifully costumed and lovely live theater for the evening.

After dinner we opted for Cognac Tasting at The Cove, the adults-only coffee bar on Deck 9. We tasted four cognacs, mostly Courvoisier and Hennessey, with a nice Remy Martin, but we passed around a bit of the Remy Martin Louis XIII for a look and a smell. Too rich for my blood. I can't spend hundreds on a single drink. Still and all, a lovely, relaxing way to end the evening.

The ship steamed steadily onward to Malta. This cruising thing - I could get used to it.


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