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Friday, September 17, 2010


My Firefox window is a mess of open tabs. Here's a bit of potpourri for a Friday.

We watched an episode of 30 Days this week where a Mormon woman from Orange County went to live with 2 gay dads who had adopted four special needs kids after caring for them via the foster system. Nothing could sway her from her belief that gays should not adopt. She'd never admit she'd rather these kids had no family rather than two dads, but having two dads is just plain Wrong. 30 days of living with two incredibly loving fathers did nothing to sway her. It's Wrong. This was heartbreaking to watch. Meanwhile, I'd read about a study based on census data that showed that kids from gay families are doing just as well in school as kids from hetero families. Always glad to hear, and so help me, I'll fight that woman every time I vote.

One of the few news stories I actually caught while away was about dance moves and attracting women. A boy with moves really will get the girl.

One of the central themes of the year that keeps coming up is that raising kids is a whole lot of awful, peppered with little moments of absolute joy that keep you going. It was in a truly awful romantic comedy (The Back-Up Plan) I watched on the flight home. It has been said by friends on Facebook again and again. It was highlighted in this NY Magazine article. I think this is the wisdom my generation is gaining, likely far too late for many who went into parenthood with starry eyes and dreams of having a cute little baby. I also enjoyed watching Babies on the flight home. It's amazing the difference between how kids are raised around the world.

We had a moment on our trip where we had to decide if we were going to be "that couple." You know, the Disney couple. We got engaged at Disneyland. We went on our honeymoon via Disney Cruise Line. Were we going to go to Disneyland Paris too? We don't necessarily feel like a Disney couple per se. Disney just happens to do things in a customer-centered way with an attention to detail that appeals to me. And well, Walt Disney really was a visionary. So maybe I am that girl. And maybe we are that couple. Still, it was awfully nice to stumble on a fan correspondence to Ray Bradbury this week where Ray totally stuck up for Walt. It made my day.

Need to know how to save a few bucks on well... lots of things? Check out this list of tips.

While overseas, a common question was always about where we were from. Depending on who we talked to, the answer varied from "California" to "near San Francisco" to "San Jose." But I left my heart in Alameda. Other folks are taking note! We even told Massey, our desk clerk at the hotel, about checking out Alameda when he makes it to SF. He's writing his thesis on classic American cars, so when we found Forbidden Island having a classic car day on the first day we were home, we knew we'd steered him to the right town.


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