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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Don't Panic!

So, in general, I'm a much bigger fan of pie than cake, so wedding pie was the big plan. But then Effie said, "Oooh! I can make you a cake!"

Many emails were exchanged and finally we settled on something based on 10/10/10 = 42 in binary = The Answer To Life, The Universe, and Everything = Hitchiker's Guide to the Galaxy = Don't Panic (in large friendly letters). This seemed MORE than appropriate to me, as the thought of getting the government involved in my relationship was definitely a cause for panic.

So, a field of stars, and a constellation spelling it out:

Effie has made a lot of really cool cakes, but I think the one she made for me is the best!

We also had pie, including yummy yummy blueberry and blackberry pies from Nona's. Thank you Joreth!


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