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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

First Dance

There's a sort of funny pressure that comes from having a wedding reception with all your dance friends (and your favorite dance teacher) in attendance. You're supposed to do a dance with everyone watching, and while it could just be off the cuff I suppose, it felt like we needed to do something... better.

We thought briefly about big production numbers like Tate and Elisa had or JK Wedding Dance, but figured we didn't really have time for that. We settled on a nice cross-step waltz, just the two of us.

We originally planned to work on this on the cruise. That didn't happen. Then there was a week of jet lag. Then there was lots of running around and prioritizing other details. One week before the wedding, we finally hijacked a room in Roble Gym and started working on it. After an hour and a half we were tuckered out and amazed that we'd planned about a minute of dance, and two minutes left to go. Yikes. We came back Tuesday after work and did it again. Then there was family and stuff and another wedding to attend, and while not confident, we quickly ran through it once in the kitchen on Saturday night and pronounced it good enough.

On Sunday, we started the party with the dance. I realized about one step in that my shoes were going to fight me and try to leave the dance floor, but we soldiered on. My coworker Jo-Ann caught it on her iPhone.

I danced with Richard later and he mentioned that he and Tracey had used the same song for their first dance. Go figure! At the end of the night, the music for it came up again, and he encouraged us to do it again for those who'd arrived a little late. The second time was even better with shoes firmly attached. It seemed like the perfect end to a perfect evening as well.


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