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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Vax Update

When last we left our heroine, she was reevaluating her weekend plans in light of a non-functional, extremely painful right arm. Friday Night Waltz was out, but dammit, I'm not actually sick so I'm not just staying home being miserable. We headed out to Swank Farms and enjoyed the moonlight corn maze and Conover Mystery Ranch. We found all 27 signs in the maze and had a good time.

Home for a shower and to bed when I noticed that I had some red blotches on my right arm. Everything I'd been reading online said it was time to call the doctor back. All the same, I was really just hoping it'd go away. Maybe it was just my clothes rubbing on already irritated skin? Or something...

I went through the next day, enjoying Si and Jon's wedding reception and going to see Frederik's Dial M for Murder at Hillbarn (which, just an aside - great show! A classically well-written murder thriller, well acted by a good cast in a nice intimate theater). But when I got home and headed to the shower, the blotches were bigger. I went ahead and called Kaiser Advice and got an appointment for the next morning. I took two Benedryl at bedtime hoping I could talk my body out of this.

The doc said it looks like a pretty bad but localized reaction. He prescribed Relafen, a newer anti-inflammatory, recommended keeping up with the Benedryl, and recommended an exercise to keep my shoulder from locking up as I babied the arm. I took the Relafen, but by 5 o'clock, I realized it wasn't doing the pain relief job I needed, so I sent Erik up to the attic to the Fezzis Things Box to claim some Tylenol. Luckily, this eventually did the trick and we didn't have to cancel our dinner plans. We stopped en route to dinner to pick up some more Tylenol since the Things Box bottle was running low and past its expiration date.

My week has been a rather silly chase of Relafen twice a day, Tylenol four times a day, and Benedryl at bedtime (plus the usual vitamins). Yes, I would like a side of pills to go with my pills, thank you.

Unfortunately, all this is sort of in maintenance mode. I don't know how long all this will last. When the meds wear off, the pain is unbearable. A coworker heard me talking with another in the hall and he said he got his flu shot two weeks ago and he still has a horrible, painful lump in his arm. My arm has a lump the size of a lime that I can only touch when pain meds are in full swing. When they're not, the skin is too sensitive to touch and it feels like someone is trying to drill through my arm bone.

I have a Lindy class that starts tonight. Not sure how to deal with that. I'm just praying there's a few extra follows tonight so that I can sit this one out without too much angst.


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