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Monday, November 08, 2010

Dickens Fair!

Dickens Fair workshops started this weekend. I got through my required workshops and costume approval and got my card so I'm all set, save for more rehearsals and some last minute costume details. I got many compliments on my new dress, many congratulations on our nuptials, and many surprised looks from folks who haven't seen me since last year as the blonde hair was new to them. (The hair is still really working for me, so I'm sticking with it for now.)

They gave us six "transformer tickets" this year. For the first two weekends, admission is free. For the final two weekends, these tickets get you half-off. It's a great deal, and I seriously hope folks take the cue and show up for the second weekend. Everything is running at its finest, but it's not so crowded you can't walk (or dance!).

The views from the school in Pacifica are amazing. I don't know how those kids manage to stay in class when they could just sit in the parking lot and watch the waves roll in. The school itself is in pretty rough shape though.

Every year, Steve Johnson arranges for us to overrun a school in Pacifica for 2 weekends to do workshops for Dickens Fair. A few years ago, Danielle pointed Fezziwig's to Donor's Choose as a way to give thanks to the school (and to encourage a positive relationship with the school so that they'll invite us back!).

This year, Fezziwigs is once again leading the charge in charitable donations to the school. Steve contacted Dave Batzloff, our Mr. Fezziwig, to let him know that Mrs. Pemberton, Oceana's principal said, "The students have embarked on developing an organic garden on school grounds. You'll see it from the cafeteria. It is a combination of recycling, science study (e.g., time needed for things to decompose), and making a connection to the earth and living things. The students are in need of tools, composting soil, work gloves, seeds, trellises, and lumber for the beds." A call for cash at the end of Fezzis rehearsal on Sunday produced $84. Add that to the collection from the morning meeting, and the kitty is up to $118, with plenty of room to grow!

Now there are two ways to contribute to Oceana High School. We can go to Donor's Choose to contribute online to the two projects currently awaiting funding for the school, or we can contribute cash on-site in the cafeteria to fund the student gardening project.

It never ceases to amaze me how generous Fezziwiggers are with both their time AND their money.

P.S. Let me know if you would like a ticket. Mine are not currently earmarked.


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