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Thursday, November 04, 2010


Mostly science news, but a couple of other tidbits here.

First, solar roads. Use all that blacktop to absorb energy. Most awesome idea ever!

HPV cancers are on the rise. It's not just cervical cancer anymore. It's also being associated with oral cancer, throat cancer, anal cancer, penile cancer, and more. Parents: get your kids vaccinated. This is preventable! It's too late for my generation, but hopefully our kids can be spared.

Meanwhile, researches have figured out a mechanism for clearing viruses from cells and may be able to develop new anti-viral drugs from it. Imagine that you could take a drug the way we do with antibiotics to stop a cold or flu or worse.

I'd love to see a movie on the life of Mary Kingsley. Her skirts once saved her from a spike-filled doom at the bottom of a pit. Hooray for late Victorian fashion!

Have you actually read the Bible? I have, and it's interesting both for what's in there and what isn't. A huge chunk of our understanding of Christianity isn't from the Bible at all. Angels, Satan, even the story of the Holy Grail in the Bible is VERY different from how we know it. Angels aren't humans with wings and a harp. Satan isn't a red dude with a pitchfork, and Hell is nothing like Dante's Inferno where your torture is related to your crimes with concentric levels based on how bad a baddy you are.


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