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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Tab Closing Potpourri

The origin of OK in the English (well, American really) language.

I can smell when cookies are done baking from 2 rooms away, and I'm overweight, so it's no surprise to me that there's a correlation between sense of smell and obesity. The last time I lost weight successfully, I had a sinus infection.

Smart people tend to stay up late and sleep late. Aw, ain't that sweet?

Save time? I'm good at that. Here's a list of thirty time-saving tips. I survive at work with number 1. I'm a master of keyboard shortcuts and finding alternate routes to destinations cited in number 2. I'm a freakish planner, always working out the options based on the known situation cited in number 5. With number 7, I made it through 40 pages of the RFP while doing allergy testing. With number 8, I pay all my bills the minute I open them. Bill arrives, enter in bill pay (possibly with a delayed pay date), shred bill, and done! (I love done.) Anyway, suffice to say it's a great list of tips. Try some out!

Does anyone have a Live Journal feed for Robert Krulwich's blog on NPR? I love these stories, and I'll set up a RSS feed in Zimbra if I have to, but I really use LJ as my RSS reader, but don't have a paid account, so I can't set up those feeds on my own.


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