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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

The Name Change Adventure

First Social Security. This was easy. Took 30 minutes.

Then DMV. This was annoying and took two visits.

Then follows the rest.

It looks like I've managed to change my name on most everything now. It surprised me how very different the process was for different folks. Sure, I understand DMV and the Feds need a marriage certificate, but it's interesting how broadly different it is from company to company.
  • I stopped into Wells Fargo right after leaving the DMV. One woman changed things for all my accounts with efficiency, and transferred me into a higher rate savings account. The three new cards and new checks have all arrived.
  • Chase and Target took my name change over the phone with no particular documentation and a cheerful "Congratulations!" These new cards both arrived first.
  • American Express wants a form filled out. It has not arrived and it's been 10 days. Then I mail the form and documentation back and wait for a new card to arrive. It looks like their process will take close to 30 days.
  • My Arco Debit card can't have the name changed unless I cancel my account and create a new one. I can however add an additional card to my account with the new name with no hassle at all. Um... ok? So that's what we did. Weird.
  • San Jose Library wouldn't allow an online change. I called to change over the phone but pressing 2 to do that said that line was busy and to press 0 to talk to an operator. That line said no one could take my call. I went back to the web site and found an email address and it was changed within an hour and with a friendly note back.
So that's kind of the spectrum. Lots of easy and happy conversations and a few skull scratchers. But at least it all seems to be done. I wanted to get it all done before the end of the year and figured it'd be a post-Dickens scramble, but the second Monday after Dickens got a good head start on the process, so finishing it up has been pretty easy.

Tuesday, December 07, 2010

God, Please Save Me From Your Followers

There are a few things that just make me sit back and say, "Dude, seriously?!" The Galileo Was Wrong web page and conference is all there.

Yes, this is an extreme example, but there are plenty of other less extreme examples of religious groups willfully ignoring observable, demonstrable phenomena and insisting that what is written down in their little book of fables is the only source for fact.

At least the actual Catholic church is starting to reverse it's 2003 position that condoms do not prevent the spread of HIV. (But still, using them for birth control would be a sin. Sigh. Do they make money running orphanages or what?)