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Sunday, January 09, 2011

And then we spent money...

Today I learned something important about my relationship with my husband. I skim through all of my email, even if it's an advertisement. This happens usually at a high rate of speed. Every now and then, an ad catches my eye. Sometimes I forward information to Erik if it's especially intriguing. If it's intriguing to him as well, then it's very likely we're about to spend money. Maybe a lot of money.

Last week, Erik's car was giving us fits. It lost power suddenly on the way to work on Monday. He had it towed to a mechanic and I drove him to work at 6:30 a.m. on Tuesday. That mechanic couldn't get it to repeat the behavior. He picked it up, and it did it on the way home. He came home, and left again, and it did it again. He called me to let me know it was doing it again, and that we'd called a different mechanic and needed to drop it off tonight.

It was at this moment that I was idly flipping through my email. I sniggered because right at this very moment, the email on my screen was from Toyota letting me know that there was 0% financing for 60 months or $1000 cash back on their 2010 Prius stock. I forwarded it off to Erik. We had a good laugh.

Thursday we talked about making a little pilgrimage to the dealer, just to look.

Saturday we got up, did some tidying, and left the house, arriving at the dealer around 5. We test drove one at Piercey, got quotes, and before leaving I asked if he wanted to A. Go to another dealer to cross-compare, or B. Get dinner. Option A won out and we headed off to compare at another dealer. Yes, the seed of our expenditure was planted and starting to germinate.

We talked to Andrew at Fremont Toyota and he had pretty much everything Erik wanted in our first choice color. DANGER!!! So after a wee test drive, Andrew sat down to talk terms. We had a few questions, but then the haggling started in earnest. The classic, "What price would get you to drive this car home today?" question came out. Erik named a low, but not completely absurd number. Andrew actually took this to his manager who said, "What crack are you smoking?" and sent him back with a higher number, but about a thousand less than where we started. We started to make motions towards dinner. Andrew asked what incentive could get us to make this deal. I asked about maintenance plans and extended warranty costs. These would cost about $3k together. We went into a scenario where those were included. Suddenly, this deal was looking pretty good. Erik named another number, the manager countered just a smidgen too high (by $200), and we went for one more round. It was then that we made the final last ditch number to the manager. If he said yes, we were going to go for it. If not, we were leaving to get dinner and they could call if they had a better offer. For better or worse, the manager said yes (at $300 under the last number) and the deal was on!

I left to get a quick takeout dinner and we ate while the finance manager drew up paperwork. By a few minutes after 9, we were ready to head out, with keys to a shiny new Prius.

I now have Prius-awesomeness-jealousy. His has a solar panel on the roof that runs the air conditioner. There's a button on his key fob that will turn the a/c on for 3 minutes before you start the car. I call it the "Davis in July" button.

So the last time this sort of email forwarding happened, we ended up on a Mediterranean cruise. I'm going to be really terribly cautious about what I forward next. Just sayin'.


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