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Monday, February 28, 2011

Office Pettiness

I probably shouldn't be working today.

I got a third request for the list of contacts for 1:1 meetings I've been trying to get arranged for a month. The admin assistant needed the updated list. I sent back a note saying I hadn't received any changes but here was the attachment again, thinking all the while "for the third time in a week." The project manager shot back asking if the several changes John had made had been made like the one in the attached example email. I looked at the "sample" email and had no recollection of ever getting it. I dug back through my email and it had come in on Friday. Three weeks after the initial meeting, two weeks after John said there were no changes and my list was correct, he finally came up with some changes Friday. I missed that message. I really wanted to fire back, "No, sorry, I didn't see that email because I was busy planning to put my cat to sleep and a bit too emotionally wrung out to notice that John finally actually turned his attention to this after a month." But I didn't. I made the changes and sent the communications plan back to the list again. Why John couldn't have just updated the document I sent him and sent it back rather than sending them separately in an email I'll never know. Why this was a dealbreaker only I could manage to handle, I have no idea. It's text in a Word document people. Use a little initiative, and if it's really that important, update the damned thing yourself.

Like I said, I shouldn't be here today. I miss my baby kitty. Getting up and getting ready for work without him head butting me and asking for water just sucked and I just don't care about the petty bullshit at the office right now.


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