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Monday, February 21, 2011

Pixel Update

Pixel went to see the specialist on Monday. She did some tests and told me I should hear back Tuesday or Wednesday at the latest. I waited around Tuesday to take him for follow-up. The results didn't come in til Wednesday morning. I went to work Wednesday and got called out to talk to the vet in my first meeting. He needed to come back for different tests. His lungs were full of white blood cells. It could either be a bacterial infection or FIP. A DNA typing test was required to determine and they needed a fresh sample. So I left work and headed back home and took him in and came home to call into another meeting. I grabbed something quick out of the fridge in the seven minutes before the meeting started because I'd missed breakfast and lunch. After the meeting I got a little work done. Erik picked Pixel up on the way home from West Valley. His lungs were less full than Monday, so that was good. They said it would take about five days for test results. I figured the first I'd hear would be Tuesday after the holiday. He had antibiotics to take in the meantime just in case it was bacterial. I checked with the Marriott to see if we could bring him with us or if I should cancel going to Dundracon. Turns out, for a small cleaning fee, they're happy to have pets, which actually was a big relief. Getting easy access to check on him anytime I wanted (and him getting a little vacation from Leeloo worship) sounded like just the ticket. I went to bed feeling a bit hopeful for the first time in days.

A bit before 5 I woke up with my stomach trying to turn itself inside out. Probably food poisoning. I spent my morning hugging the toilet and lying on the bathroom floor. Eventually I was feeling a little better, so I got up and fed Pixel his antibiotic. About ten minutes later he threw up. I hadn't made sure he ate before feeding that to him. Apparently, it was upset tummy day at the Kooky Kottage. Sigh.

We packed up for DDC and headed up a bit before 4 on Friday. We had a dinner meeting planned at 5:30 so we slogged through traffic up to San Ramon. Really yucky traffic. We barely made it, but we got Pixel up to the room and settled and ran downstairs for dinner. At the end of the meal, we got a call from the vet.

It's FIP. It's fatal. He doesn't have long.

The antibiotics were less of a priority, but a quiet weekend with nothing to do but lounge on the bed was probably just fine. Still, he went from so very happy on Friday, prancing around and greeting us with head bumps and purrs to wheezing on Sunday and not wanting to eat anything. Neither of his doctors are in the office because of the holiday, so we came home today and he's lounging here. We'll talk to them both tomorrow. This probably won't be long.

There's no treatment for FIP. When he gets to suffering too much, we'll arrange to have Adobe's staff come help him let go.

He's the best cat ever. He doesn't deserve this. I genuinely don't know how Leeloo is going to make it without him. When I walked back to the bed to collect Pixel on Friday, they were curled up together again. She utterly worships him.

So that's how things are. I had more than my fair share of happy times in 2010. Every roller coaster has its ups and downs. I just wish that it didn't have to be Pixel. He's the sweetest guy ever and deserves nothing more than a long, happy life, but a short, happy life will have to do.


  • So sorry to hear about Pixel's illness. :( Hope you have enough time to say a proper good-bye.

    By Blogger CKL, at 9:34 PM  

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