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Saturday, February 12, 2011


So Pixel was a little off a few weeks ago. He bounced back, so we didn't worry too much. He started being off again this week. On Thursday, I got him an appointment for Saturday afternoon. Last night he was breathing heavily. This morning he tried to throw up.

We took him in to see Dr. Knowles. He wanted chest films and maybe an ultrasound. He thought maybe it was pancreatitis. The chest film showed fluid around his lungs. The ultrasound showed the fluid around his heart, but there was something else. A bump on the edge of his left ventricle. We moved out to the big ultrasound machine and shaved some fur. The left ventricle has some sort of growth. The doctor said, "I need to refer you to a specialist. This is beyond what I want to touch." If we're lucky, it's just a problem with his heart. If not, he's got a cancerous growth on his heart.

We're going to see about getting in to see the specialist on Monday. We have to keep an eye on him in the meantime. If he gets into trouble, we take him back to Adobe so that they can put him on oxygen til the specialist can see him.

Also, this week is fired.


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