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Friday, March 11, 2011

Annual Irish Madness

The Irish madness begins tonight. Every year, for less than one week, the rest of the country cares a little more than average about Irish dance. I fully take advantage of that.

Tonight I'm teaching an hour of ceili stuff from 8-9 at Friday Night Waltz. Then I'm DJing (for the first time ever!) for FNW.

Tomorrow I'm teaching ceili from 7-9 at East Bay Waltz.

Monday there's a big outing to Death Guild for Goth Ceili. Such fun!

Tuesday there's the usual Tuesday night ceili lesson here at Stanford. We'll probably work on Bronwyn and Ironhand so folks aren't left out on Thursday. Oops! It's finals week, so Roble isn't open. No ceili at Stanford on Tuesday. Plenty of ceili at Stanford on Thursday though!

Thursday is the main event - St. Patrick's Day. This year, all the ducks are lined up neatly and we've got a full docket. There's the traditional dancing to Driving With Fergus at Oakland City Center. This is always followed by a big lunch at Le Cheval. (Shut up, Vietnamese food is totally traditional for St. Patrick's Day!)

Then we're off to Beer Revolution for a little more dancing in the 3-5 p.m. range.

Then we head across the bay to Stanford for a ceili at the Axe and Palm. I'm looking forward to a yummy turkey burger and the usual waltz, dance-for-everyone, dance-for-those-who-know drill from 7-10 p.m.

If you're not dancing Irish for St. Patrick's Day, it's not for lack of opportunity in the bay area. Come out and play!


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