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Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Life in the Bucket of Suck

So the last few weeks have been pretty bad. Really really bad. I knew in 2010 when we were having a great year and everyone we knew was talking about it being the worst year of their lives that I was in for some downs on life's little roller coaster, but wow, it's impressive how much bad can come at once. For a quick tally, this includes:

  • Erik did not get the job at Foothill. This is roughly akin to being rejected by someone you're in love with. He loved the school. He wanted the position more than any potential position anywhere. And worse yet, he got to go back to work there after getting turned down.

  • Over that weekend, Erik's external hard drive slid off the sofa and hit the floor. Restarting it made it sound like the Tardis was arriving. Now having sent it to a drive recovery service, there's nothing to recover. For reasons I don't really understand, this was the sole repository of our honeymoon photos save for the ones loaded to Picasa, so at least there's some small versions of those. We can get copies of most other things (wedding photos, etc.) again. I'm no longer remotely okay with the external hard drive as a storage solution.

  • Pixel became ill and after $2000 in tests, it turns out he had FIP, an incurable viral disease. We got the call about the FIP result on Friday night at 6:45 on President's Day weekend. His vets were all out of the office til Tuesday. He stopped eating. He stopped asking for belly rubs and head butts. He withered away rapidly. He died Friday and is buried in our back yard.

  • To make matters worse, Pepper and Leeloo are not getting along, even more than normal. Pixel really was the peace maker between them. Now that he's gone, Pepper has taken to chittering at Leeloo every time she sees her come around the corner. The only thing keeping her from killing Leeloo is a baby gate. Leeloo is terrified. Their prey/predator relationship continues unabated. We've tried Feliway. We've tried all the behavioral recommendations of vets and the Humane Society. The next step is Prozac. Seriously. (The step after that is finding a new home for one of them. Sigh.)

Then there's the petty shit:

  • My car insurance company screwed up and never sent a revised bill after we sold Erik's old car. I was expecting it, so was not prompted to pay the old, incorrect bill. Then Pixel got sick. Insurance lapsed on Sunday and we had to scramble Monday and Tuesday to get it reinstated, but I still don't have a proper bill nor know what is and is not covered. We'll deal with that next week. They do not offer a 30 day grace period even after all the years I've been a customer of that company. They were unapologetic. The broker tried valiantly to get it straight for us, but he's confused too and is doing more research. (Adding "shop for insurance again" to the to-do list.)

  • My favorite facial cleanser seems to have been discontinued. I found some online and ordered a year's supply to give me time to find something new. It arrived yesterday and the order was partially wrong. Now I'm dealing with Amazon and the seller to figure that out.

  • My favorite little found-items clothing shop, Susie's Deals in San Leandro, is gone. Drove by on Sunday hoping for a moment of retail therapy and was greeted with a vacant hole stripped to the concrete. Sigh.

  • Our first Gaskell Ball as members of the committee was a financial loss. Not a huge loss, but geez I was hoping we'd break even.

  • Leeloo barfed for the first time in ages the other night. She expelled four hair ties. Yes, she's still eating things she shouldn't whenever she has a chance. My hair ties are routinely up on a high shelf in a basket in the bathroom. She didn't get them from there. (It would've had to dump for that to happen.) I don't know where she got them. Luckily, she seems no worse for wear, so that's probably the extent of her haul this time, but I'm not sure how to be even more vigilant about this. Nothing is ever left out for her consumption, but somehow she found four hair ties, ate them, and they tangled together in her belly and she was lucky enough to expel them. The girl is running short of lives.

I freely admit things could be far worse. I've got a job. Erik has a job. We have a place to live. We undertook a weight loss plan and it's working.


  • ugh, I'm sorry that sucky stuff(in some cases really sucky stuff) is happening. Next week, there will be much dancing and social goodness on Thursday. Easy Bay waltz this Saturday as well. In the mean time, you have each other and that's good. :)

    By Blogger Chrisfs, at 5:36 PM  

  • As far as Gaskells goes, it takes a bit to get attendance going up. I think shifting the mailing to email, at least partially, will reduce costs, which will help. The next three tend to be lighter anyways, so any change for the better will be more of a change for your effort.

    By Blogger Chrisfs, at 5:39 PM  

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