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Monday, March 21, 2011

St. Patrick's Day Made of Win!

St. Patrick's Day was awesome. Totally awesome.

We had three different kinds of ceili events in one day. The first at Oakland City Center was the sort of event where you show up and a band plays and you figure out what you can dance to that song. Driving with Fergus is always a joy. This year, a record number of folks showed up: 21. It was great. See it here:

We walked down to Le Cheval (now LCX) where we were welcomed as usual. Seventeen sat down to lunch and I enjoyed my annual plate of Singapore noodles and carrot chowder.

We piled into cars and drove across to Jack London Square to go to Beer Revolution. This was the lazy afternoon party. With an outstanding selection of beers, I had a pint of Blood Orange cider. Folks sat around shooting the breeze, catching up, and every now and then someone said, "Hey, how about a $dancename." Folks would say "Sure!" and a set would form and music was cued. The regulars looked at us like the space aliens we were, but we had fun. A tardy return to the iPhone led to all of us dancing to "Tequila." We also danced the most rebellious Irish dance we know: Night Fever. We did not manage to get thrown out of the bar for dancing wrong, thus marking this as a place we'd surely return to again.

After that, we packed up and headed across the bay to Stanford for a ceili at the Axe and Palm. Three hours of dancing in the traditional waltz, dance for everyone, and dance for those who know. At one point, Bob had a quick count of 50 folks in attendance. There were folks I hadn't seen in years and folks from our Tuesday class and folks from the East Bay and folks from Google. It was a fabulous party. We danced everything I could think of:
  • Haymaker’s Jig
  • Reel-A-Thon
    (4-Hand/Half Kerry, Ironhand, Bronwyn)
  • Bonfire Reel
  • Trip to the Cottage
  • Galway Reel
  • High Cauled Cap
  • Fairy Reel
  • Jig-a-Thon
    (Humours of Bandon and Chutney)
  • Petronella
  • Hallucination Jig
  • 2-Hand Jig
  • Polka Sets (three!)
We had a musician show up and he drummed along with the music for a bit then offered to do a polka set. He took up his whistle and Erik picked up his drum. Folks dived in and danced their hearts out. It was magic.

At the end of the night we also did a Night Fever again and once again did NOT get kicked out. Woohoo!

I stumbled out to the car around 10:30, came home, showered, and fell into bed. It was a long, but truly fabulous day.


  • I was at Beer Revolution last week and the owner said she loved us and loved that we were having fun. She would love us to be back next year.

    By Blogger Chrisfs, at 12:12 AM  

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