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Thursday, April 28, 2011


So I've been dieting since January using My Daily Plate/Livestrong. It's pretty awesome and it's totally working. I'm down about 14 pounds so far. I've still got another ten or so to go before I'm fully satisfied, but so far, so good, and most of the things in my closet are fitting now, and many newer items are just too big.

But with reduced calories, finding foods that satisfy can be sometimes tricky. Turns out though that a breakfast of two eggs, two strips of bacon, and a hash brown patty from Trader Joe's is only 350 calories. This has become sort of a weekend morning habit if we're around the house. All signs point to this being way to high in fat and cholesterol, but when you're eating less than a 1000 calories a day, I wondered how bad it could really be?

This past Monday I went and donated blood. The Stanford Blood Center tracks all of your history including cholesterol readings. I'm down to 147, which is just dandy. (Anything under 200 is considered desirable.) This is down from 186 in January, so my bacon-and-egg breakfasts have actually been a part of an overall improvement in cholesterol levels. Bacon - now a part of a healthy breakfast! Woohoo!


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