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Saturday, April 09, 2011

I love my husband.

I've been remiss in keeping the world (and mostly my grandma. Hi Grandma!) informed lately. Let's start from where we are now.

I'm all dolled up, sitting on the sofa. We've got tickets to see Max Raabe and the Palast Orchestra at the Paramount theater in Oakland. I've been hand sewing the bottom of my camel-hair coat where the hem has fallen out while waiting for Erik to finish replacing the fixtures in the shower. The shower had started dripping again, and upon inspection this morning, the last fix from a year ago wasn't going to work again easily.

Now let's just pause here for a second so that I can make it abundantly clear how much I love my husband. He's the BEST. He fixed the drip for me a year ago. I said, "It's getting worse and really needs fixing." Within a few days, he's taken it apart and fixed it. It was the most magical moment of our then fledgling time living together. Now when it was dripping again, we talked about it earlier this week, and this morning, before breakfast, he started working on fixing the drip. This sort of thing makes him the man I want to spend the rest of my life with. Better yet, when things got more complicated, he didn't just give up. We trundled off to Lowe's to get parts, did a cross-check with Home Depot, came back to Lowe's, and then came home with stuff to fix things. Meanwhile, we also got some corn seed for our garden and a burger at In-n-Out and generally enjoyed the absolutely gorgeous weather in San Jose.

We get home, and I scrub around the fixtures while he deals with an issue with Borders online store. (On that topic, all I can say is that there are very good reasons they're going out of business and Amazon has eaten their lunch and their dessert. Good riddance to bad rubbish!) He then falls to installing the faucets, filing and chiseling the tile to make the new fixtures fit. The whole thing ended up taking a bit longer than we'd planned, so we'll miss Mic's birthday party, but we're still going to make it to Max Raabe. Oh, and I have fixtures I've been daydreaming about, thinking it was too hard to fix for six years.

More later. For now, off to the show!


  • I hope the show was fun. I had wanted to go, but decided to save money. Re:Borders, Both the retail stores in Alameda and Emeryville are having going out of business sales. Alameda is 70% off. I got 3 hard covers for $5 each. The store is in shambles as no one has been reshelving, and it looks rather picked over, but you may still find some gems among the remaining books. The Emeryville store sale is only at 30% off,but they have a bigger selection. I was told by someone in line that they started 2 weeks later, so after a week they may start offering bigger savings.

    By Blogger Chrisfs, at 6:11 PM  

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