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Sunday, May 15, 2011

Busy, somewhat by proxy

If it seems like Erik and I have missed a bunch of social events lately, it's not an untrue observation. We've missed several, and we've had to be choosey, because he's got a larger than normal workload currently, teaching double sections at both of his jobs, leading to a total of 110 students, plus his tutoring gig, plus several job interviews for the future. This has led to several weekends in a row of grading, lesson prep, interview prep, and so forth.

Meanwhile, I've got five or six projects at work, with three of them kicking into high gear this month. So, our Sunday afternoon "off" involves Erik working on lecture notes at the table while I prep for a project at work on the sofa. The huge advantage of this over doing it at the office is that it makes Leeloo absurdly happy. She will happily sit on my lap while I work for HOURS. It makes it awfully easy to stay focused when you need to sit still to avoid disturbing the sleeping and/or purring kitten.


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