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Friday, June 10, 2011

The Strange Keys to a Nerdy Girl's Brain

For my birthday, Erik found something that I really wanted: all of the Radiolab programs ever broadcast. He burned them to CD for me. This is a miracle of sorts in that he both listened to me say "I wish I had..." and then took action to make it so and managed to get me a thing that I really really wanted for my birthday in a time in my life when I've said repeatedly that the last thing I want is another thing. That's how awesome my husband is.

This is actually the background you need to understand that I have a totally platonic crush on Robert Krulwich. I love his storytelling style, whether it's on radio or in pixels. His "This is so cool! Everyone should hear about this!" style of science news just brings me endless joy. Today's story is on gut bacteria and it's utterly fascinating. No, really. Go read it. There may be as few as 3 standard microbiomes in the human race and it could affect a huge range of stuff.

Meanwhile, I'm am of a generation of girls who found Colin Firth terribly attractive since we first saw him as Mr. Darcy. He's a great actor, and seems to be a genuinely decent guy. There are few celebrities I'd want to really sit down for a good chat with, but he's up there. His status increased again this week when he was listed as a co-author on an academic neuroscience paper on political leanings and the thickness of certain portions of the brain.


  • Yeah for a husband that listens!,

    I knew gut bacteria played a bigger part than generally thought, but only 3, wow that's not much. Also wonder what happens if you have to take some kind of huge antibiotic and wipe some out, could you get a different batch ?

    By Blogger Chrisfs, at 10:04 AM  

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