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Thursday, June 02, 2011

Tab Closing Bonanza!

I was waiting for one or two more cool things to hit my desk before publishing a potpourri post, but it turns out the LJ feed for BoingBoing is broken, which basically clears my feed of half the interesting stuff. I have to go read BoingBoing on That's just wrong! (The death of LJ is overrated, but it's rapidly making its way out of my daily check in list. Does anyone recommend a good RSS reader that isn't Google Reader? I'm afraid Google Reader doesn't make me warm and fuzzy.) So, that leaves me with a scattering of weird stuff.

Starting with the potential AIDS vaccine, and no, not the one that works for one guy who got a total bone marrow replacement. That's a different issue, and an awfully radical step for what is a relatively manageable disease nowadays. (Okay, step back for just one moment and think about how far we've come in 20 years to transform AIDS from death sentence to manageable chronic disease. Just amazing.) Anyway, using CMV, an extremely common virus in the herpes family, it leaves the body on constant lookout for HIV, killing it before it gets a foothold. So, we may opt to catch have a specialized vaccine that has us catch a modified CMV making us immune to HIV. Pretty cool. As someone who has never contracted CMV, I only hope that synthetic blood technology improves in parallel to testing this because the blood center is always thrilled to have my blood since I'm one of the rare few who can donate to premature babies since I haven't had CMV. This would make finding those donors much, much more difficult.

Then there's the Indian chap who has made developing a male contraceptive his life's work. Against the odds, he's found a way to do it, and I hope he further beats the odds and gets it out there. The pharma companies aren't interested since it's a one-time procedure that lasts up to 10 years, so that's a lot of missed birth control pill sales. I'd love to see someone like the Kaiser Foundation get involved. It really would be revolutionary.

And for me and my dancer friends, here's a list of exercises for life-long dancing feet. I know I personally need to do these more. Number 2 - Kneading carpet - is one I've been told before. When my feet get achey, I remember to do it. Then I get busy and forget for months, then my feet get achey again, and I remember again. Silly girl. Some day I'll learn.

That's all for today. Cheers all!


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