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Monday, September 19, 2011

And Another Thing!

I thought of some other things I'd left out about being pregnant.

I have never been so tan. Tan and freckled. Apparently you're just more photosensitive when pregnant. I suspect that this is what many end up referring to the "glow" of pregnant women. You're just more tan. I've never been much of a fan of tan, especially since it usually has meant being painfully burned first. I look down at my arms now, and even though they get a daily slather of Trader Joe's enrich moisturizing face lotion SPF 15, they look dirty to me, but it's just tan. My chest looks like I've been doing Ren Faire all summer. Freckles on my face are much darker. This displeases me, but I'm just trying to be sanguine about things returning to vaguely normal next summer. It's not keeping me from a daily exercise routine at work that involves climbing all the stairs of the Clark Center at a minimum before going off the to the land of chicken taco and side of pinto beans. What amazes me is that day by day, how much more effort it is one day over the next. The difference between 7 1/2 and 8 1/2 hours of sleep is impressive, and "a little tired" is really much closer to really really woofed. My 4 p.m. meetings have been frequently experienced as struggles to remain conscious.

Meanwhile, there's an emotional thing. Everyone gets warned about it, but most of the time I feel just fine. But when things get emotional, it keeps impressing me how little control I have compared to my usual demeanor. And how much it suddenly affects me. I feel like I'm overreacting all the time, and I don't see it coming til it's already happened. I end up crying at stupid shit - sappy tv shows, for example. It's really annoying. The big adventure with this was on the way to Ray and Rae's wedding. Early on, I'd thrown a big splotch on the calendar to block the date, not knowing what time the wedding was. Then, I knew I hadn't adjusted it, but the night before, I wanted to count back and figure out exactly what time we needed to be there. I was busy doing some stuff, so I asked Erik to double check on the wedding website. He checked the Google calendar, not realizing that I hadn't updated that. This led to us planning for a wedding at 1:30, and we were going to be there at least an hour before that. Unfortunately, the wedding was at noon. I got a call from Ray while we were already on the road asking when we'd arrive. I said, "Around 12:30, maybe a few minutes later, but should be plenty of time to trouble shoot any sound issues." He said, "Uh... but the wedding starts at noon." I looked at Erik and over the course of the next 60 seconds, figured out what had happened, freaked out, and sped up. I figured maybe we could shave 10 minutes off if traffic was kind. I was already crying before we got off the phone. I didn't stop for the next hour. And it got worse about 3 minutes later when we got pulled over for speeding. Yep, I was definitely speeding. I was supposed to be at a wedding that's 45 minutes away in less than 30 minutes. At this point in my life, I rarely speed much. I mean, I've had a Prius for enough years to track fuel consumption and realize I get far better mileage at 65 than 75, so my car has trained me well. I usually hover in the 65-70 range with a little burst here and there to navigate around other motorists. I was ready to burn all the gas it took to get there as soon as possible. That plan lasted for less than 3 minutes, and then we spent 20 minutes waiting for the cop to hand me a ticket. Sigh. By the time we got to the wedding, I still couldn't stop crying. This was starting to make me angry on top of soul-sick at my mistake. Friends hugged me and all I could say was, "I just don't have control of my emotions. I'm really sorry." And then I felt bad for making a scene at someone else's wedding, so that made me cry more. Suffice to say, I was definitely having a moment of just wanting to go hide away and beg the universe for a do-over on the day. But we eventually got the music up and running for the wedding and life went on. This weekend I closed that chapter by taking an 8-hour traffic school class on Sunday and mailing off my completion certificate to the Fremont Hall of Justice. Anyway, mood swings, check.

The other weird tricks I learned for getting past morning sickness are truly weird: get a prenatal vitamin without iron for the first 3 months and take B6. Taking B6 alone made a huge difference for me. You have to be careful, because you can have too much, but cut a normal tab in half and take it when things start getting dicey (or generally with my morning cup of decaf) and I'm pretty sure I managed to head off some bad days. The other thing that was recommended by a doctor, but that I never tried, was Unisom. Apparently it's good at heading off nausea. Go figure!

I noticed today that there are two Tums tablets left in my bottle at work. Heartburn is my constant companion. On the plus side, I guess I'm getting plenty of calcium! But generally, by about 4 p.m. each day, I can count on some heartburn. Some days, it's mild. Other days, it's epic. But it's always present. There's Tums in my purse, Tums in my desk drawer, Tums next to the sofa, and Tums in my travel kit. Sadly, they still taste like Tums. It'd be so much more convenient if Tums was suddenly tasty. Instead, it still tastes like snacking on chalk. Apparently, I can only look forward to this getting worse as we go along.


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