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Sunday, September 18, 2011

My Baby-tastic Life

It's been an interesting weekend. On Friday, we decided it had been way too long since we'd seen a movie, so we opted to skip Friday Night Waltz in favor of Tomatina and Rise of the Planet of the Apes at the Mercado. Now it's getting close to Halloween, so the first movie trailer was a good scary one that made me jump and scream. Normally, that would be that, save for the giggling. But this apparently woke up the wee little space alien. She then spent the next hour doing a full 360 from her usual feet to the left position, to feet front, to feet right to feet back, and then finally settled back in her usual spot. When she was facing front, kicking like a champion, I thought, "Faced this way, I bet even Erik could feel this." So I grabbed his hand and put it down where she was kicking. She instantly stopped for a few minutes, then started up again just as I was about to give up. He whispered, "Is that her?" I nodded. Cue giddy soon-to-be-dad!!!

The next day we ran to Cupertino briefly to pick up an infant car seat, base, and Snap-n-Go stroller base for $20. All hail Craig's List and the buyer's market that is baby stuff. Now we have two infant car seats - one for each car - and a stroller that should last us most of the first year. Then we headed up to Dave and Ellen's for Sara and David's "Hippie Wedding Potluck." It was great to see everyone there, including other pregnant friends (twins! 46 chromosomes! yay!!!), lots of babies, some toddlers, and some school-age kids. Wow. When did I start hanging out with so many parents? Well, it's me soon enough, so it's probably for the best. Sarah was darling as ever. She's still one of those kids who convinced me I might be up for this challenge. She ran up and handed me a lei as I arrived and spent the day being awesome. Meanwhile, Kai has turned into a little boy. There's a magical moment where a baby's face changes to a kid's face. He's hit it. I saw him just a couple of weeks ago and it wasn't there, but there it was. Meanwhile, Fiona and Alanna are just a few weeks apart, and Fiona towers over Alanna. I'm expecting to have one more her size than super-sized. Josh and Magenta have the most beautiful, biggest kids I've ever seen!

We had to bail on Toshi's birthday since I had traffic school on Sunday (to correct the speeding ticket on the way to Ray and Rae's wedding. D'oh.). But, we ran a few errands, and then dove into tearing apart the room that shall be the nursery. The house looks like an explosion of stuff, but the closet in the guest room closet is full of wine (thanks to Paul, Karen, and Crystal for the hand-me-down wine rack!), and the nursery is emptying out. A big haul will go up to the attic later this week. I spent most of the day in traffic school while Erik worked through what to do with a lifetime's worth of treasured knick-knacks that had little place to go but in a box. Sigh. Changes are big as we keep hurtling towards January. The wee space alien has been very very active all night, so there's no denying her presence. Kick, kick, kick. Yep, I feel ya little girl. Looking forward to meeting you, but not til January, m'kay?


  • If Craiglist ever fails you, my sister has had a lot of luck with Freecycle ( for finding and recycling baby stuff.

    I'm very much enjoying reading about your Space Alien Adventures, by the way!


    By Blogger Molly, at 11:11 PM  

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