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Thursday, September 29, 2011

On Buying for Baby

As we get ready to meet our little space alien, there's a lot of weird shopping for stuff I never considered buying before. There are so many things you *could* buy to be ready for the arrival of a baby, but one of the big conundrums is trying to figure out what you actually need.

Then there's the expense of the whole adventure. has a truly terrifying cost calculator available that's probably reasonably accurate. Although, I really like Cyrus's summation on the topic: "Babies are as expensive as you let them be, plus the cost of daycare." 

Then there's the needs vs. wants vs. how-cool-is-that!!! whiz bang factor that comes with some of this stuff. I mean, looking at strollers, you can get a pretty basic stroller for $50-60 or a jogging stroller (3 wheel style) for around $150. You can get a really super basic umbrella stroller for $10. You can also opt to spend $449 on a BOB stroller or $1150 on an Orbit stroller. And that's still not the top of the line. So the decision to draw the lines between need/want/splurge is kind of tricky. (We're leaning to getting a City Mini eventually since it folds up so nicely, is lightweight, and steers like a dream, but figure that can wait til next summer probably.)

On the plus side, I'm fairly certain we won't need to buy clothes for her for quite some time. Hand-me-downs have rolled in from every corner from Alex and Sherman whose daughter grew out of newborn things in the last 30 days to Dirk and Tracey, who still had boxes of clothes for 0-24 months when we visited Seattle (plus bonus boxes of board books!). For this, I'm intensely grateful. We've also acquired two hand-me-down infant carriers with car seat bases, a Snap-n-Go stroller that works with the infant carriers, a bouncy chair, an offer for a hand-me-down Ergo carrier and Pack-n-Play, an Infantino carrier, a Diaper Genie, a co-sleeper, and various pregnancy and birth books and DVDs. We've also gotten some truly awesome gifts like a beautiful quilt, Mickey Mouse onesies, the softest slippers ever, and plush Millenium Falcon and X-Wing.

You'd think this would put a huge dent in our buy list, and well, it has, but that doesn't make that list small exactly. I've been keeping everything on an Amazon baby registry list. I told Erik back when we agreed to do this thing that my final condition was that I demanded a glider rocker and ottoman, because the best times I've ever had with small babies have been in those rockers. It is on the list. Oh yes, it shall be mine!

The one thing I've splurged on so far was the crib set and it's matching window valence and changing table covers. I wanted to get those early so that I could paint walls to match. Once the walls are painted, we'll order and set up the crib.

Today marks 23 weeks. Only 17 weeks to go!


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