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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Friends - A Request

At 25 weeks down, I'm starting to contemplate the details. When Wendy and Jeff welcomed their Littlebit into the world, they asked that anyone planning to see the baby please be up-to-date on their TDAP and flu shots. It seemed a tad paranoid, but reading about this stuff, there were over 9000 cases of whooping cough last year in California. What's worse, 10 infants died. They don't get their first pertussis vaccine until they're 8 weeks old, so for the first 3 months of their life, they're not only using their lungs for the first time ever, they also have no defense against such a severe disease. So, I'm asking for the same thing they did - if it's been more than five years since you got a TDAP, please go get a booster if you want to see the space alien in her first 3 months of life. There's a lot of time and effort and stress and strain that goes into creating a little baby. Being a tad paranoid for her first 3 months is fine by me. Heck, it's taken over 6 months to build her so far. I'd like to keep her at least that long, and really, a whole lot longer. A WHOLE LOT longer. If you're an anti-vaxer, you're just not welcome to be near her for at least 90 days. That may sound extreme, but if you disagree, you're welcome to have your own baby and do things differently.

So, for anyone planning to come help us welcome our baby into the world, I'm hoping that 3 months is enough notice. You need to be vaccinated about 30 days before she arrives for your immunity to be in place, say, by Christmas. Getting the jab for me is the only Christmas present I want from y'all this year.


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