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Thursday, January 26, 2012


Oh Netflix, how do you manage to keep blowing so many opportunities?

There was a button for a free Bonus disc on our page this week. We've been burning through the discs, so figured, sure, we'll tap that in a day or two. Then it disappeared. It didn't say that there was a time limit on the button. It just said to click it and it would send the next disc in queue. But when I went to do it, it was gone. So you like teasing your customers?

Then I thought, hey, I'm bored and we've cleaned out the Tivo (for once in forever), so maybe this is the time to add Netflix streaming back to my account. Then Erik found out I'd never actually seen Die Hard. I thought, "Well, if it's on Netflix streaming, then I can watch that while he's at work one of these days. I'll check." Turns out, it will tell me whether or not they have it on disc, but there's no magic button that says, "Watch it now - Add streaming to your account!" Seemed like rather a missed opportunity. I mentioned this to Erik and he said, "Well maybe if you sign out you can see if it's available or not." Turns out, nope, they only tell you a few select things and won't let you see what's available on disc vs. on demand without an account.

So I decided to go ahead and call Netflix. This was destined to be one of those awkward conversations. So were you teasing me with that bonus disc thing? Yeah, um, sorry, it was a limited time offer. Did you see the email a month ago? No, I saw the button on my queue. Yeah. So, about what's available on demand, how do I tell? Oh, I can call and ask? Really? Or I can sign up and take my chances. Um... yeah. I stopped short of asking the real question - so do you actually have a marketing department? How are they this incompetent? Because really, it's been since last July that y'all have been doing an epic job of blowing a lot of consumer good will. First you reduced what was available on streaming, then announced a big price increase a few weeks later. Then the spin-off. Then the not spin-off. I just heard that your stock was doing much better today after you announced that you've stopped bleeding customers and started adding them again. Seriously, you've got this market sewn up, and yet... I mean, you watched Blockbuster and Hollywood Video piss it all away. Don't be like them!


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