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Monday, March 19, 2012

7 Weeks

Athena hit 7 weeks on Saturday. We spent the day around the house, then headed out to the Stanford Ceili St. Patrick's Day dance. It was wonderful in so many ways. First there's the part where a couple of years ago, this little blue haired girl named Danya wanted to learn more ceili, so she encouraged Bob and I to help her get a group started. In the concrete common room of the new design building, we started teaching a few folks to dance. Several of those faces from the first summer were still there, plus friends I've danced with for the last 18 years, plus a dozen musicians, plus newer dancers, plus folks trying it for the first time. At one point, there were at least 80 people there. From the most humble beginnings, we've built something wonderful.

Second, Erik and I worked together beautifully to keep Athena happy and fed. Also, she got her first waltzes. I held her in my right arm, bundled up in her swaddle to keep her warm in a room that was comfortably cool for sweaty dancers. My left arm on my partner's shoulder, we waltzed around the room and she looked entranced. First I danced with Jing, and then later with Erik. At the end of the night, we came home, fed her once more, and put her to bed. She slept for her normal 7 hours, woke briefly to eat and change diapers, then slept for another 3 hours. She is seriously a truly awesome baby. Third, Kat, Jordan, and Elinor came down from Sacramento for the ceili and stayed the night. Elinor is adorable. It's wonderful watching friends I've known so long bloom and grow, now as parents. We made a slightly ill-fated journey across San Jose with two strollers and a pregnant lady, planning to walk 20 blocks in weather that was threatening to rain to try the Flames restaurant. For better or worse, they have have bottomless mimosas on Saturdays and Sundays til 2, and they border SJSU. The place was packed. So we waited a bit, then checked into other options, heading off to Old Spaghetti Factory, as they said they had no wait. We got there and waited half an hour before giving up and going across the street to Sonoma Chicken Coop. On the plus side, Sonoma Chicken Coop was lovely and none of else felt remotely bad about the calories as we'd walked far further than planned. On the way back, with Jordan and I a few strides ahead of our partners, both of us pushing strollers, Jordan says to me, "All those years ago, who thought we'd be here." I said, "Yeah, I was just thinking the same thing." If you'd told me that a lovely Sunday afternoon activity would be pushing baby strollers around downtown San Jose, I'd have told you you were cracked. And yet...

For Christmas, Erik got me "three months of housekeeping," and after researching our various options, today was the first day of housekeeping. Now, I've had cleaners here on occasion for little 2 hour blasts. I also tend to keep things fairly tidy on my own. But after over 3 hours of cleaning, this place is CLEAN. The little cart that holds our laundry soap had dust and spills collected over time. It's now spotlessly white and clean. The area under the kitchen sink had everything pulled out and wiped down. The bed had everything pulled out and swept and vacuumed underneath. It's magnificent. And better yet, she'll be back in two weeks to keep it up. On the one hand, I could get seriously used to this. On the other hand, I now see projects I've put off for so long and I don't think, "after I get through the basic maintenance." Instead, I think, "hey, maybe I'll tackle this one today." I suspect I'll willingly pay for the next three months. After that, we'll be starting to pay for daycare, so we may have to go back to our own cleaning, but this may be the little luxury I fight to save going forward. We'll see.

And finally, Athena is smiling consistently now when she's happy.

Sometimes it's while I'm changing her diaper and telling her a story. Sometimes it's when she's nursing and she looks up at me. Sometimes it's when she first wakes up and sees me there. Sometimes it's in the car when I'm sitting next to her in the back seat making silly faces or telling her a story. Whenever it happens, however it happens, it's just magical. For so long, I only got feedback when I did something that was unacceptable. Now, she lets me know when I'm doing something she likes. I can't limit the world to only the stuff she likes, but it's awfully nice to know that she sure seems to like me and like Erik. It certainly goes a long way when you're doing the 10th load of laundry this week after stripping out of pajamas covered in spit-up one more time. 


  • Oh my, that smile *is* magical. What a wonder. I still can't wait to meet her, hopefully sometime soon!


    By Blogger Molly, at 11:33 PM  

  • She is sooo darn adorable. I just can't wait to get out there in May to see her. Oh, and you and Erik too.

    By Blogger Karen, at 10:25 AM  

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