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Sunday, April 15, 2012

11 Weeks

Just a quick update this week, mostly about today.

Erik got up and helped out the Pryanksters dancing today. I stayed home and felt like a confident mom. I was spot on with Athena's rhythm today. I managed to keep her entertained and fed and calm nearly all day. I made Karen's beef stew, did several house chores, had her spend a bit of time in a baby carrier (which she's none too fond of as yet), met the neighbor and her six month old son, and generally had a lovely day. When Erik got home, I ran off to Ray's birthday party outing to see Cabin in the Woods. The movie was totally awesome and well worth seeing. (It's at once a completely standard horror movie and yet at the same time absolutely anything but a standard horror movie. Plus, it's darned funny.) Afterwards, we all went to Tomatina for dinner. After four hours absence, I came home and Athena was very ready for some more boob time. She dove at it, never really giving me a second glance. At first I thought that this was a similar experience to the one I have with my car. As much as I sometimes think my car loves me as it cheerfully beeps and unlocks as I pull a door handle, it reminds me that this isn't so on any occasion where I fail to have my purse in hand where the magical key fob is stored. After Athena drank her fill and pulled away, I said, "Hi baby girl." And she looked up at me with the biggest grin. Yeah, it's different. She loves me. It's going to be really hard to go back to work and leave her every day.


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