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Saturday, April 28, 2012

Three Months Old

Today, Athena is both 13 weeks old and 3 months old. We are taking her to her first Gaskell Ball.

We had a strange week. On Tuesday and Wednesday night, Athena woke up at 3 a.m. and needed a diaper change and food. For a baby who routinely sleeps from 11-7:30 or 9, this was seriously disconcerting. It was made more so since I go back to work on Wednesday, so if this was a major change, I suddenly felt like I didn't have time to deal with it. We spent an hour and a half trying to get her back to sleep on Wednesday, and I just dreaded trying to deal with this daily while going to work and being out of the house for at least 11 hours a day. Meanwhile, on Wednesday I got an email from my partner at work. She has to leave Tuesday to go to Puerto Rico to take care of her parents. Her dad is having hernia surgery and her mom needs adult supervision. This was not paving the road to the gentle return I was looking forward to. She wondered if there was any chance I could come in and get the download this week before she left. Um... yeah. So on Thursday, on far too little sleep, I bundled myself up and headed to the office during Athena's morning nap. I can't believe I'm going to do this every day. At least I'll be insanely busy to keep my mind off of it, right? Jo-Ann and I had a good chat and I'm as ready as I can be. On the way out, I met the new web services teammate, Caryl, and said hi to Sara. I mentioned our last two days adventures in not sleeping and she said two magic words: growth spurt. Of course! She's demanding more food, more often, even overnight. Of course! Being a new parent is a whole lot of  being too close to the joke to see what's really going on. Sure enough, the next day Athena had two loooooong naps and slept through the night normally. Phew! Unfortunately, she also came up with another new trick: refusing the boob. Though obviously hungry right before bed, she wouldn't nurse. An hour of screaming battle commenced, me trying to get her to eat, and her screaming as if being tortured. I'd set her down and try again a few minutes later, but still no joy. Erik got home just as I was getting frustrated and starting to see visions of how bad Thursdays will be for the next two months while he's teaching. I have to go to work extra early that day so that I can leave early to pick her up. Then I have to stay up with her til her bedtime, or until Erik gets home at 11, whichever is first. Considering she usually likes to fall asleep on daddy, this doesn't bode well. Finally, after an hour of refusals, I asked Erik to get a bottle of fresh squeezed from the fridge and feed her while I pumped. I finally got to the shower around midnight and to bed after that, dreading my 3 a.m. hungry baby wake up call. However, she slept through the night til 7:30. Whew!

Yesterday, Erik's brother Scott and his wife Jess arrived from Rhode Island. We took them out to the Japanese Garden and to Aqui for dinner. Then we came back home and told too many tales and sent them back to their hotel in the city. Today they're planning to attend the Gaskell Ball. We'll be sure to introduce them to Fezzis so that they get to dance a bit.

My first day back to work is our annual IT Open House. I'm scheduled to be an email and calendar expert/wizard answering questions as folks walk by, but I suspect I'll get as many questions about the wee miss as anything else. Should be a nice way to start back where I get to see most folks all on one day. Wish me luck!


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