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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Brief Update

Okay, so yes, scraping the bottom there a bit. I've got it together now. There are next steps in place. And also, I have the very best friends in the whole world. Y'all don't even know. But suffice to say, I expect that by January or so, things will be well in motion to move us to our next home, be that temporary or permanent.

Yesterday, I hired a babysitter to be home with us for a couple of hours on Monday so that I could clean up the house and Erik could grade papers. (Thank you Sarah!) There is too much, and having us all being varying degrees of sick this past weekend meant that there was no hope of getting enough done. I was totally willing to spend $30 to solve this problem. Sarah tried to entertain Athena (who really just wanted me to carry her around endlessly) while I washed and folded and decluttered and put away. Now I can walk through rooms without stepping over crap and I found two things I'd been looking for for weeks. So that's better.

Soon, we have to do big things. First, there's a couple of little things. We have to finish the electrical in the garage and paint the underside of the eaves. Once that's done, we get a home inspector out to do an inspection on our house and see what else we should fix before putting it on the market (or what we should disclose to potential buyers instead of fixing). Then once that's done, we start packing up the house. We empty everything into the garage and lock it up tight. Then things get interesting. We might be able to rent it out. We might just sell it. We might find the thing we want to buy and have to do this last part really really fast. We might not find anything we want to buy and may opt to rent temporarily or do something else. But, by mid-November, we're planning to be ready to do whatever the next thing is. That's less than a month from now. I can do anything for a month. Hell, I was 9 months pregnant for a month and that didn't kill me, so this, this is doable.

Meanwhile, Athena is officially crawling now. Over the past couple of days she's transitioned from pushing herself backwards to confidently rocking forward from sitting onto hands and knees and going off in the direction she wants. This morning she came to get me in the bathroom. She immediately went for the trash and then when I put that up on the toilet, started going for the Windex and toilet bowl cleaner. Our bathroom door will now live in the closed position. Further babyproofing is on the docket for the coming week. I figure an hour of watching what all she goes for should inform us of our best targets pretty quickly.


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