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Thursday, November 29, 2012

10 Months

And now Athena is 10 months old. She's hit some big milestones this month. First, she started crawling with real purpose and style and speed. Then one random Monday, I came home from work and Erik said, "Athena figured out how to pull up and pull herself along the couch today." I said, "OK" and figured that was something she did once that day and she'd practice it at daycare for the week and that would be that. While Erik finished making dinner, I sat in the living room with her. She sat for a moment, then pulled herself up on her activity box and the next thing I knew she was standing between my knees grinning up at me. I said, "Oh! Now I get it!" Erik laughed at me. So yes, she was pulling up and cruising along the furniture all in one day.

The next problem was that she couldn't figure out how to get back down for another ten days or so. This was really frustrating for her, because either someone had to help her, she had to fall, or she had to just wait. This led to quite a few tears, many of the bumped head variety. This weekend, she finally figured out how to get down and everyone was quite relieved. I don't know how long it takes to move from cruising to walking, but I suspect we don't have long left.

This was all perfectly on schedule for making Dickens Fair nigh impossible this year. She wants to stand or crawl, not be carried everywhere. We dropped in for Saturday of opening weekend. It was hectic, but Athena Lendvay loaned us Lorelei's pram/stroller, and the wee miss was a hit, both awake and asleep. The big scuttlebutt around the fair was that Grant Imahara was at fair. You know your baby is cute when everyone else is hoping to get a photo with Grant, and he's taking a photo of your baby. Of course, we couldn't walk ten feet without someone asking for a photo. After she passed out, Rachel caught a good one and the official fair photographer caught her with Lorelei's teething gin.

My little goddess

I adore Athena's Teething Gin prop. (It's water, of course.)

Tea with the gang at Dickens
We also made a trip to Disneyland while many of our friends were doing dress rehearsal.
Erik and the girl while I'm on Radiator Springs Raceway

Tandem napping for the win!

Peeking out of the mansion.

I adore this wreath in the Haunted Mansion.
Athena walking around with Athena.

New Walt and Mickey statue at DCA.
The castle right after fireworks.
Athena's favorite part was the "It's a Small World Holiday." I'll be the first to admit I strongly prefer the holiday version. Instead of one song, it's a medley of Christmas carols. It's also beautifully lit. Athena watched and clapped and pointed and laughed through the whole ride. We got a chance to use the combo of fast passes and child switch passes to maximize our time in the park. We got to ride the Haunted Mansion Holiday four times, and the new Radiator Springs ride twice. (It's well done, I must say.) We also got to try out the new Carthay Circle Lounge. The menu is lovely. We had Duck Confit Sliders and Lobster Pad Thai Imperial Rolls. We also really enjoyed the beautiful hand-crafted cocktails. I had a Double Pear Martini and Erik had the Carthay Manhattan - two very good choices. His was served with preserved Bing cherries (rather than nasty Maraschino cherries) and an ice sphere. Yes, in the middle of a theme park. And the cocktails were so well done that I'd say they gave Single Barrel a run for its money. Better yet, we enjoyed this while Athena sat on our lap. We just can't do that at Single Barrel.

Earlier this month, we went to Paul and Karen's wedding. This was a joy for me since many years ago, there was one of those moments of serendipity where Kev mentioned that Karen was sort of interested in Paul and I took the initiative to lean over to Paul and say, "You know she think you're cute, right?" And well, here we are! And I was a groomsmaid and Kev was a bridesman and the wedding was completely lovely.

The one bummer for me was ducking out to pump and not realizing I'd miss so much of the reception. It wrapped up less than a half hour after I returned, and I missed a set and a half of dancing. Since this was the only dancing I'd gotten a chance to do in quite some time, this was a huge disappointment. Now there's less than 9 weeks til Athena's first birthday and I'm really ready to be done with my vacuumed-powered leash. With Athena's four teeth, she's chomped inadvertently a couple of times this month, which has convinced her that nursing from the taps is just not worth it for her, and she's utterly given it up. The bottle is always reliable and never surprising. So, there's me, pumping in the car in the parking lot, and regretting missing out on something I waited so long to be part of. I've since pumped backstage at Fezziwig's and taken time out at Disneyland to pump, once in a dark corner of New Orleans Square under a cover because time was tight. The burden of this process is really absurd, and the extra stress it creates is just silly, but I committed to a year, and as long as the body is willing (though we're down to about 12 ounces a day across four pump sessions, still representing an over 2 hour commitment every day, so body is also clearly becoming less willing), I will finish that year. But let me just be clear - when that year is up, I'm so very done. And I will not miss another once in a lifetime event for the sake of milking the cow. That's just not okay.

On the Sunday after the wedding, we went up to Pacifica to do a whirlwind trip through workshops, costume approval, and rehearsal. We also stopped by our tree to take an annual photo. Last year, the photo was us on our anniversary, with me subtly pregnant. This year, it was with our wee miss. We accosted some random hikers on the path and got them to take photos for us.

Hand held
By passers-by
We had a lovely Thanksgiving dinner at my mom's house with my grandparents.
Lots of food!
With her Great-grandpa Larry
On Friday, we went up to my dad's place and got to go see the playhouse my dad built, ostensibly "for Athena," but really because he could and he loves doing this sort of thing. He's now got a Hobbit Hole, a log cabin, a guard tower with a gargoyle, a zip line, and a playhouse on his property.
Athena with her Grandpa

Dad's Playhouse
On Sunday we looked at two more houses in Sunnyvale, and find ourselves regretting missing out on the Selo house every single day. It really was perfect for us. Oh well. We keep hunting.

Oh, and in other totally odd news, we found out this weekend that the baby loves Mickey Mouse. We've never taken time to point him out to her at all, but she's apparently gotten this somewhere. Anyway, my mom has a poster of him on the wall in my old room. She was getting all excited about it this past weekend. Then when we got home we brought out a stuffed Mickey she has. Here's what that looked like:

She now clearly responds to her name and is starting to get some basic commands. She also waves bye to all the parents and kids as they leave daycare We suspect that by this time next month, she may well be walking without hanging on to us. We are so not ready for this, but we don't have a choice. Next stop: Baby's First Christmas!!! Yikes!


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