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Saturday, November 03, 2012

40 Weeks!

So Athena is now a full term... oh, no wait. That's different. But I guess she's been in the big wide world just as long as she was in the tiny interior world of me. So that feels like even more of a milestone than the 9 months she hit last Saturday.

We had a great time at Haunted Fox Hollow, and our family picture made Boing Boing. We got our first call from daycare sending Athena home sick, on Halloween. I went and picked her up and she was running a fever, so this made her a little limp and clingy. One dose of ibuprofen and she was almost back to full speed, cheerfully playing the rest of the evening. Erik and I traded off haunting and baby watching. Once again, we're incredibly spoiled by her. If her sick involves cheerfully playing on the floor and giggling, then we'll never know what it's like to have a real baby.
This is Athena home sick. 
Yeah, we don't get it either.
We made it to November, so hopefully the commute will start easing up. October is the worst, but it's showing signs of improving. Getting to work on Friday was totally reasonable and expected - not the 2+hour slog we've been doing.

We also got Athena a new car seat for my car. She's still using the SnugRide 35 in Erik's car, but lifting that in and out full of a 19 pound baby was getting to be more than my back was up for. After much searching, we got her a True Fit C670. It had some great features like an easily removed cover (no need to uninstall the car seat just to get the cover off!) and strap adjustments without rethreading. Turns out, there was no where I could try it before buying it, so we just ordered and hoped for the best. Turns out, I love it! The fabric is soft and velvety. We got a great deal, getting it for $184. And it's top rated by NHTSA, so that means a lot.

We are decidedly not at Dickens workshops today. That seems... weird. For me, it's been 13 years. Instead we stayed up late doing something crazy - we watched an hour of tv! And it was a great episode of Castle. Toddling off to bed just before midnight, I wished more than anything that the baby would sleep til 8 a.m. She slept til 9. It was glorious. Not only did I get to indulge the night before, I got to wake up leisurely with my husband. It was magical.

Now we're off to go house hunting for a bit, then Erik will dive deep into the land of too much grading.


  • huzzah for no workshops! though yes, after 10 years, that is a very strange feeling indeed. Reading others' "off to workshops!" status updates made me a bit sad this am, but still not enough to roll over, get out from under 5 warm cats, and drive an hour+ north. :)

    By Blogger Ophymirage, at 2:49 PM  

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