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Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Officially Taking a Year Off

It's funny - for the past 13 years, I've given my holiday season almost entirely to Dickens. When we were thinking of having a baby, Elizabeth said that I get a year off if we do that. When Athena arrived, I figured that at her age (10-11 months), Dickens was not going to work well. Now she's crawling and insisting on being allowed to do so, so this is my year. And it's weird. I'm not frantically getting workshops done or fretting over costume approval. I'm not teaching folks parlor games or practicing set dances. It's also weird how my social life abhors a vacuum. Many things are rushing in to fill the space left by Dickens. I'm busy to a slightly frantic level every weekend in November - weddings and weekend trips and celebrations and home improvement! Now we're just trying to figure out how best to visit.

And it's also weird that this is a year of such changes at Dickens. We lost Suri and Martin and several others. There's a new Ebenezer Scrooge with some big honking shoes to fill. Kathleen Gabriel is tackling the revamp of Stagecoach that I'd been longing for but never seemed to have the energy to do. Fezziwigs is losing two of its shift leads (David and I) and changing stage managers again. And fair is opening an hour earlier, making the whole day longer. Plus, there's five weekends instead of four this year. It's a lot.

I really hope it all goes well. And we will visit. We'll try it once and see how the wee miss does. If it goes well, we'll be back. Because yeah... thirteen years in a row. This is going to be weird.


  • It is indeed strange to Not Do Dickens. This is my first time *back* to Fezzi's in how many years? ...Oh my. I just don't want to think about that. Anyway, I can remember how quickly my schedule filled, and I managed a visit twice for the first couple of years, then once for another year or two, then I returned to Dickens to years ago but worked elsewhere - that was lovely but really just not the same. So this year I'm returning, to all the changes: you and several others are taking the year off (what what? How will we manage?). You know, I did not even put together all the differences until I read your post here. Wow. This really IS a lot. Looking forward to,seeing you when you visit. :-)

    By Blogger Agnes Applehill, at 8:14 AM  

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