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Thursday, February 14, 2013

Science News!

I love science, so Valentine's Day is a great time for a Science News post.

I loved this team's approach to sharing some science news. Sure, their paper was published in Nature, but then they got the word out with LOL Cats and YouTube.

Then Robert Krulwich posted about this cool application of nanotech - a hydrophobic, oleophobic coating. It was cool enough that I made Erik watch it. He got kind of giddy because this could conceivably be an engineering application of the work he was doing in his PhD.

Then there's the ever popular science news where they try doing something that we all saw on Star Trek. In this case, it's wiring up rat's brains to see using a technology similar to Geordi's visor.

Ever near to my heart is some recent Stanford research on child development. Specifically, it's amazing what a difference it makes to say to a child "You worked really hard on that. Good job!" rather than "Wow, you're so smart!" Ultimately, kids who hear the former are far more likely to persevere when things get harder, and saying it matters from as soon as they have a basic understanding of language.

And as a perfect capstone for Valentine's Day, new research is showing that monogamous couples may have a bit to learn from those who are consensually nonmonogamous. This includes things like "people who cheat on their partners sexually are less likely to engage in safe sex while doing so than are people in consensual nonmonogamous relationships" and that when jealousy occurs, those in consensually nonmonogamous relationships are more likely to discuss the situation and negotiate boundaries that everyone can live with.
I hope everyone has a happy, safe, loving Valentine's Day!


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